Chair (Sitting)

Level: Easy

Classes are taught while sitting in a chair making it a wonderful exercise for individuals with limited mobility.

Barre (Standing)

Level: Intermediate / Low Impact

Standing positions with a Chair (Barre Ballet) used for Assistance during the Workout. The chair also helps with balance support making it a wonderful aerobic exercise for individuals with limited mobility.


Level: Intermediate / Advance

Floor PraiseMoves Workout. Classes are taught on the floor experiencing relaxing yet challenging stretching movements. Exercises are performed sitting, on stomach, and knees. A wonderful exercise for individuals seeking a relaxing strength training routine.


PraiseMoves is the Christian Alternative to Yoga. It's a full body workout that allows you to worship and fellowship using words, motion, scripture, praise, and prayer. 

Benefits of our classes

•    Establishes efficient form and Strengthens muscles
•    Promotes efficiency of respiratory, cardio, and muscular systems
•    Fosters handling of physical discomfort/improves discipline
•    Reduces stress on the body (ligaments, tendons, bones and joints)
•    Helps your body improve its use of oxygen
•    Burns more calories than high-intensity sprints 
•    Helps body flush toxins resulting from muscle fatigue

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