Daily Bible Study Notes

What touched my heart the most today? Bible Genesis 1:11-13 (Joyce Meyer AMP pgs. 2) Vegetation, plants, seeds, and fruits were created on the 3rd day. It was Approved by God. Joyce Meyer AMP Bible Comments (pg. 1): New Beginnings are important and God provides us opportunities for a fresh start every day. (relationships, work, spending time, integrity) It’s up to us to take advantage of the gift and we must be determined to do God’s will not ours. Choose well: truth, faith, peace, forgiveness, patience, waiting on God. Reference (History) The Complete Guide to the Bible (pages 8 – 9) Paul is credited w/ writing nearly ½ of the books in the New Testament. Paul said, “2 Tim 3:16… all scriptur

Praying for Missionaries

This prayer is based on scriptures from 3 John 1 – 8 and is meant to support anyone working in ministry. Jesus I know how much you love me, I know your plans to prosper me in my quest for “mature spiritual growth.” I pray that in every way You will find favor with me and bless me to succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically]. I pray the Holy Spirit guides me in everything, let me not utter one word that is not ordained and honors Your Holy Name and the sacrifice Your Son Jesus made, so that I might live and worship You. I pray that I always live and walk in Your Truth. I pray to always be an encouragement to others and that I have the means to encourage and support Your spiritual

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